Introducing The TIME + SPACE Co.

Piers Read is sitting on the marble steps of Hornsey Town Hall.

We meet Piers Read, a Crouch Ender but also Managing Director of The TIME + SPACE Co. – the operator behind the Hornsey Town Arts Centre project and Twickenham Film Studios. For the full interview where he discusses his previous projects and plans for Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, visit The TIME + SPACE Co. website. […]

Hornsey Town Hall Closure Event

2019 was a big year for Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre and The TIME + SPACE Co. with the start of an exciting new era for Hornsey Town Hall. 2019 – an exciting year The early part of the year saw the opening of co-work space Hornsey Works and HTH Arts Centre Café, both of which […]

CREATE: celebrating Hornsey Town Hall

Performers are giving a show on stage in front of an audience during the CREATE event at Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre in 2019.

Closure event With CREATE on Saturday 6 July 2019, Hornsey Town Hall opened its doors one last time for a grand celebration before the Hornsey Town Hall redevelopment works began. CREATE pictures by Dan Bridge Visitors enjoyed a day of music, dancing, crafts, graffiti, virtual reality, face painting, films and street food. Dan Bridge pictured the […]