Hornsey Sounds

Operating in Haringey to support its international reputation for music, Hornsey Sounds will showcase the rich range of cultural and creative organisations, groups, initiatives and individuals.

A man is working in a music studio.
Cables are intertwined on a table, above is a microphone and headphones.

For the next year, the community-powered podcast and event platform will be based in Hornsey Exchange.

Located on The Broadway just off the Town Hall’s Square, passers-by are welcome to pop in, chat to the team and enquire about how to get involved in the programme to produce new and original content.

When the Town Hall reopens, the initiative will fully migrate to the lower ground floor of the Arts Centre, in The Supper Room, where The Kinks once performed. Hornsey Sounds will have its own dedicated studio, bar and music venue.

Building on the Town Hall’s fine music heritage where Queen performed “Bohemian Rhapsody” before having a record label, Hornsey Sounds will offer a recording studio space to local emerging artists and established creatives to record music, live-stream sessions, podcasts series and interviews.

We will showcase talent starting with an apprenticeship programme dedicated to training and upskilling local talent by offering insights, masterclasses and hands-on experience in sound recording and audio production.

Want to get involved? Email our team for more information.

A blue guitar is sitting on a amp in Hornsey Sounds.